How do I stand out?

This is a thing that I really need to work on, how I do stand out among 27 other people?

I’m not the overly genius type of person who will be able to answer questions in a matter of seconds. I definitely make mistakes sometimes. I still hate Math like I did when I was still studying. How could I stand out if I’m not that type?

I’m not much of a competitive person too. I don’t want to throw others off. I prefer to work at my own pace. I want to learn by asking too much. There are times that I think ahead and anticipate things, but I don’t want to see others as “competitors”. I still want to believe that my competition in this situation is my thoughts and mindset.

In terms of skills, I am still learning. I’m still new at this kind of thing. I am still afraid of trying out things without being guided. I make errors and I hope it’s alright to make them and learn from them.

Do I need to be the kind of person who befriends everyone? Maybe I should. I should also start getting out of my introverted self mode. I should make lots of conversations with others. They should feel at ease with me and make them like me. Is that what I want?

I don’t know what to do anymore. I need to stand out among these other 27 people. I hope I can find a way, but I can’t. As I said, I am not the competitive type of person, but I do make sure I put lots of effort to what I do.

Will effort be enough? I hope so. I pray that somehow, there will be a miracle that I would be noticed because of what I felt is right to do. I did my best in every work I did. I put my heart in being able to help my patients as much as I can.

I know that this looks like an overthinking post. But, I just really need to vent it out before I get crazy. I am leaving anything to faith now. If it’s meant to be, I will pass this training and get hired. I am hoping for the best to come. *crosses fingers and chants positive mantras*


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