Striving to be better than my best

“I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.”

As I was browsing random posts on facebook, I found this inspirational quote posted by a friend of mine. And I do think that she’s right.

I’ve always pushed myself hard not to think about having other people as my competitors. I’ve said in the past that I do think that “the greatest enemy that any person could have is you yourself”. It’s more of a fight of  thoughts, whether I allow myself to feel positive all the time or be swallowed by all negativity.

I also think that instead of wasting my time to feel insecure of other people’s success, I’ll start working on improving myself. After all, I do get selfish most of the time. By selfish, I mean, I care a LOT about myself. Maybe I could use that in spending my energy on building a better me.

I remember my dean in college, talking about reaching goals. She said, “Always better your best.” I should follow her advice though. I don’t know if I’m already doing my best right at this moment, but I’m definitely sure that I am giving LOTS of effort to get what I want to achieve. But if doing LOTS of effort means doing my best, then I believe I have to top that.

Again, that’s my problem, how to stand out among many excellent people. But that brings me back to the thought of not thinking of being better than the others. Therefore, I have to be better than the person I ever thought I could be.



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