Daily Prompt: Seven Days of Bliss

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

Just for the record, this is my all time favorite Daily Prompt. So, I will be writing this post with all my heart as I dream of these things coming true to life.


I opened my eyes to the sound of my alarm clock, it’s loud buzz startling my still sleepy-self. I groaned to myself because I realized that this will be indeed another tiring day but like I always said I enjoy my life as a nurse.

I started preparing for my early duty. I did my usual morning routines. I heard my phone beeped, signaling that there’s a new text message. I hurriedly opened it upon realizing that it was from one of my co-trainees in the hospital. I read the message. I was surprised when I saw that there will be a week-long break for the trainees in the hospital. According to the message, it is because of the hospital’s foundation anniversary, so they’ll let the trainees have fun for a week. After I read the message twice, I jumped up and down like a small kid after finding out a big surprise. I laughed like a crazy old lady and I am so pleased by this day.

Being the outdoorsy type of person that I am, I immediately went to my dresser to change back to my PJs. Yeah, I know, the first thing that I’d do after receiving a message of getting a week-long vacation is sleep.

So, as I opened my dresser, I was so shocked to find out that there is $10,000 in it. “OMFG!!!!! Where the heck did this came from??”  I told myself. After a few seconds of  trying to slow down my breaths, I tried to analyze if this was a dream. If it is, I don’t want to wake up from it. I even slapped my cheek to make sure I’m not dreaming.

After deciding that this stash of money is probably mine, I started making plans. Damn, $10,000 is like  400,000 pesos here in my country. Shoot!! I’m going to spend most of it.

Let’s see, I have 7 days and $10,000. I am so excited to start my week!!!

  • Day 1: I’d go to the bank and save $1,000. Then, I’d call my mom and treat my family to lunch. I’d give each of them $200 for them to spend.
  • Day 2: I will book an immediate  flight to have a trip in Europe for 4 days. I will specifically go to London, Paris, and Athens. Wherever my money would take me for 4 days. I will travel alone because that’s always been a dream of mine. (I have no idea how much time it will take me to get from one place to another.) And shout out to Hayley! I want to visit you there in London!!! Will you be my tour guide? 😉
  • Day 3: I will have my flight to my dream vacation in Europe!!! When I get there, I will make sure to stay in a nice hotel. It doesn’t have to be 5-star hotel. I just need a decent place to stay in. I will visit London first! I’d be going to the London Eye, because I’ve always fantasized of being in it. I’d make trips to the palaces and places alike. I’d take a lot of pictures and write in my journal and blog about the things that are happening to me.
  • Day 4: I will spend my next day in Paris. Because well, it is the city of love. Who knows? I might find the love of my life. Okay, jk. Whatever. I’d go to the fashionable boutiques there and buy whatever I can afford. I’ll also visit the Eiffel tower since it’s included in my dream destination list.
  • Day 5: I will go to Athens. I have a friend of mine who stays there. I will go there for a visit. I’m all interested with the Greek mythology, so I might be spending the day being in museums etc.
  • Day 6: I’d gladly go back to my country which is hours hours away from Europe. Day 6 of the week would be entirely spent for sleeping.
  • Day 7: Sheezzz..this is the last day..I would have a hard time letting go of this kind of life. I’ll just go to the bookstore and buy all of the books I am dream of buying. Then, I’d go for a lunch date with my friends and catch up with everything happening in our lives. When the night comes, I’d softly weep to sleep because I’ll miss having this.

Well, that’s all!. How I wish this daily prompt post of mine will come true. How I wish.


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