It’s been like an era

When I feel bad about myself, I feel like I’ve been living in a dark era of my life. I look forward to the end of it. It’s hard to live like this, waiting for things to be done and for the days to pass away, never feeling the urge to enjoy the moment.

But wishing for an end of a dark period of my life, also makes me want to go on something better. I guess this is what’s good in me, when I feel like I’m having the bad days, I always look forward to the future. I have this faith that everything will be alright soon and that eventually, all the mess that is going on right now will be OVER.

I can’t wait for the moment that I’ll be able to say that I’M SO OVER AND DONE WITH THAT. I can’t wait to laugh off the bad moments of my life. I’m hoping that this will be over. I’m hoping that in the future this will be something that I will smile to because I remember that this is what made me stronger.


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