Daily Prompt: Stranded

You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends. Where do you go; what do you do?


My first thought in this DP is that I wouldn’t want to be stranded in a place with no money and friends. I mean, I’d be lucky enough if there would be the existence of overly kind and friendly people in the place that I’d be stranded in. We all know people nowadays. I wouldn’t blame them, because I would have ignored a helpless person too who is asking for myself. It’s difficult in these days, you don’t know the ones who are really needing help and those who are trying to deceive you.


On a lighter note, if I would be stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends, I’d probably be in a city in Macau. It’s much closer to my country and I do think that I may have the same culture with the people there. It’s also an Asian country, so it wouldn’t be difficult if I got stuck there. And…I’ve always wanted to visit that country. I would have enjoyed a day touring that place.


Aside from that, there is a high chance that I would find a fellow Filipino in that place. I mean, I can say that there is a Filipino in almost every place in the world. That fact is at least what I knew from the stories that I’ve been hearing. When I meet a fellow Filipino, I know that he/she will most likely help me since we come from the same country. It’s the natural quality of Filipinos. We help others as much as we can. That’s called “Bayanihan” to our “Kababayans”.


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