Stuck in the Middle

Now. I think I am stuck in the middle. Not that I am stuck in a bad way, but rather in a good way. I am stuck because I haven’t felt like I’ve done something extraordinary for me to say that I am actually living the best of my life. I am still mostly afraid of making mistakes and getting hurt. I haven’t done much to be honest. And I do understand myself for being so cautious.

It’s hard to feel like I’m struggling. I don’t really like to think that I am. (Yes I am in denial). I want to be able to see life as something that I enjoy and not just something that I need to live with daily thoughts wishing the day was over.

Yes, I dream that someday things will be better. I may be still be at the starting rough with all the getting to know thing and making mistakes stage of my life. It’ll eventually work out for me hopefully like what happens eventually to everyone who makes efforts to make their lives better.


Someday things will be perfect
It will be worth it all this time
Stuck in the middle
I know things will get better
Hold it together
Take your time



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