Wandering thoughts

I was stuck at home, wishing I had the money to get away. I am having this wanderlust and I want to reflect on my life. I have these wandering thoughts because I really would like to go on a vacation at a local province right now.

I imagine walking barefoot on a white sand beach with the sunset view. I am wearing my floral dress, a sunglass, and a big hat. I am alone and walking alone with all my thoughts. I mindlessly cross the beach towards the direction of our rest house where my family is.

I imagine feeling the breeze of air, flowing my hair around me. I can hear the faint sounds of children laughing as they ran off for one another. I also caught a glimpse of a couple who are lying on a hammock.

I saw the birds soaring high across the sea. I wished I was free like them.  I paused a few meters away from the waves of water and decided to sit on the sand. I enjoyed feeling the serenity. I love having time to myself and my deep thoughts.


One thought on “Wandering thoughts

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