What would I DO?


There’ll be an endless list of the things that I will do if I knew that I couldn’t fail. Only IF. A lot of things would be so much different. I would have been braver and more positive in life.

But would I still attempt if I knew I wouldn’t fail? Probably and probably not.  I may have tried doing something at the very first thought that comes to my mind. I would have rushed doing things. I would have accomplished plenty of things.

If I knew I wouldn’t fail, I would be the first one to volunteer in doing something. I would be the one to show everybody that they didn’t have to be afraid of trying because like me, I didn’t fail. So, chances are if I can do it, they  can too.

On the other hand, if I knew I wouldn’t fail, I wouldn’t have worked that hard for something that I’ve wanted so much.For example, I would have taken exams less seriously. If I already knew that I will pass, I wouldn’t have studied for it.

There are so many possibilities when I start thinking about the things I would attempt to do if I knew I would not fail. But, actually, I still think that it’s better not knowing whether I can succeed or fail. There would be no excitement, no hard work, no surprise. I mean everything will just be plain.

All in all, it’s good at some point to have the thinking that I cannot fail. But I suppose, I strive harder if I knew that there will be two possibilities: Succeeding and Failing. While Failing seems to be hard to accept, there’s a sense of beauty to it. I always think that it’s much better to fail at some point. I get to realize my mistakes and hold on to it in a way that I will make sure I’ll do it correctly the next time. Also, failing makes me feel to put value on things, especially to those that I put a lot of effort on, but still fail on doing. Either way, the main point is to keep on trying. If I get something on one shot, then that’s good. But if I fail, I make sure to try and try until I succeed.


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