The End

There are chapters in our lives that just closes and waits to end. It’s a little nerve-wracking not being able to think about what might possibly happen the next day, the following months, and the succeeding years.

It’s hard to leave a chapter of life that was just full of lessons and memories. There were lots of unforgettable stuff, the ones that are really worth keeping. No matter how hard it is to absorb, it will just sink in. Time flies by so fast.

The strangers met through the journey of struggling through life takes a huge part. Some stay long enough and some just pass by.

Happy times and sad times, it wouldn’t be complete without them. No matter how life is planned, the unexpected things happen.

Life is a journey. There will be bumps and smooth roads. All have different paths to take. Most are lucky to have someone to accompany them along the way.

People are blessed to have chances. Chance to live life. Chance to love. Chance to move forward. Chance to make changes.

Yes. There are chapters of life that ends. But with every end, a new chapter begins. Life goes on.


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