Too Nice

Did I ever hear or read the phrase: “Kill them with kindness?”

Yes, I think I have. Maybe that’s the reason I’ve been too nice to other people. It seems beneficial at the start. Being kind could definitely help me go a long way in anything I do. I know that it also helps since good things done bring good karma.

But when do I know that I am being too nice?

I am almost always put in this situation. I am a type of person who doesn’t really have a strong personality. I am someone that can easily be forgotten because I guess I don’t have any remarkable traits that will make someone instantly remind them of me.

Anyway, back to the topic of being too nice. Yes, this is what I commonly do when I am pissed off with other people. If I am in my extremely sarcastic mood (which happen once in a blue moon), and an irritating person bugs the hell out of me, I would be so proud of myself. But what I always do is apply the phrase: “Kill them with kindness.” Urghh, it’s very hard to control myself from making any harsh remarks. Maybe I am just gifted with extra long patience that I usually let those annoying moments to pass.

I just feel like venting out here because I could only do so much in dealing with those half-brained irritating people. I NEED MORE PATIENCE.


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