I cannot put a title to this

She felt bad the entire day. It just made her feel so low because of the things that happened to her. There are different voices inside her head telling her different things. Surely, in her mind, there is a fight between optimism and negativity.

She sat on a bench and looked up. She felt so bad about herself that she just doesn’t know what she is going to do with her life. She felt tears begin to form in her eyes. Suddenly, she let the tears just fall. She was longing for someone that can listen to her. She desires to have that moment wherein she could just feel that there is someone out there who could help her.

She definitely felt troubled. At one sudden moment, something happened that made her unsure of the things that she should do in her life. Every mistake played in her mind. She imagined how people must have been laughing at her foolishness. She felt like she doesn’t belong to the place where she chose to stay. She felt suffocated.

She knew at that moment that she may be close to being helpless. But she refused to acknowledge that she was. She doesn’t want to admit that she is totally beaten. That was hard for. It will probably happen again to her soon. She feels terrified just by the thought of it. She thought of every escape possible. But sadly, she couldn’t think of any.

Finally, when she felt too exhausted to cry. She breathed out heavily. She know nothings going to happen if she continued being like this. She just knew that she is terrified with many things. She has her insecurities to deal with. But with all those thoughts going through her mind, she needs to go on with life.

She stood up and walked away, away  from those sad memories and bad feelings. She will be okay soon.


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