I felt bad about myself

Like before, I am always struggling with confidence issues. I am the type of person who needs constant reassurance that I am doing good. I need someone to do that for me.

There are times when I just feel so bad about my mistakes, that I cannot seem to learn fast. I am just so depressed that I am not the confident person that I needed to be. That I cannot be someone who has a very high self-esteem, someone who is not easily defeated.

I just want to cry my heart out because I cannot reassure myself and I felt like I don’t have someone to voice my issues into.

I am not emo or suicidal, but I mean, it’s not like I can say these problems I am having to my parents who have a bigger problem than I have. I am not that totally expressive when it comes to my problems.

I know I can probably move on from these issues that I am having. But there are the bad days when I just can’t avoid it.



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