Issues with an introvert?

Why does other people have to make it seen like being introvert is a bad thing?

I am an introvert myself. I got asked a lot why am I being so quiet. I just answer them with, “I don’t know. This is me.” But in mind, I am totally answering a different thing like, “Yes, I am. And I wish you would learn to shut up so I could like you.”

There is nothing bad with being an introvert. I think introverts are generally people who just prefer to observe and listen. For us, we do not feel that NEED to be a big part of a conversation. We just want to observe and listen. Then, when we feel like joining in, we would. Others don’t have to pressure us or point out that WE DO NOT TALK THAT MUCH.

I think the world would be a better place if more people would be more understanding of others. Just imagine that we are all unique and we cannot force others to be what we wanted them to be.


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