Daily Prompt: Landscape

When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do you see the forest first, or the trees?

I opened out my window suddenly feeling suffocated by my own home. I opened it so I can inhale fresh air to soothe my raging thoughts and feelings. I breathe in the cool air. Then, the sight before me made me wish I am living in a province. I wish I am somewhere quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. I’d love to see the sight of trees before me or the bright sky. I would love to hear the background sound of children laughing as they play, reminding me of how free, careless, and happy my life is during my younger days. It’s not like I am unhappy about my life right now, but it is certainly much more complicated than it used to be. Well, it’s life, I have to keep moving on and live it to the fullest, like the grown-ups always say.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Landscape

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