Follow your heart

Ever felt torn between two great things?

This is what I’m feeling right now. I have been having questions to where my life should go. While I’m having all the confusion with making this important decision of my life, I happen to have a very inspiring conversation with this friend of mine.

It was very insightful. I agree to the things that were said to me.

I was told to follow my heart. Where will I feel happy. I honestly don’t know where I could be happy. I am very indecisive. I always felt like asking someone for a little advice but to be honest, I don’t follow it. I want to be able to weigh things on mine own, to make decisions on my own.

It is true. I am very coward to do the thing that will make me happy. I’ve always felt the pull to make my happy first but it’s not that simple. I cannot put my happiness before other things. I cannot be selfish.

Though I am utterly conflicted now, I can’t help but still be stubborn. I am hoping that I will be able to do these two things. I wouldn’t want to give up on these just because  it’s hard and complicated. I will find a way to make this work out. I will make sure that I wouldn’t have to give one, these two things are so close to my heart. I will hold on. I will follow my heart.


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