Happy Independence Day Philippines

It’s been 115 years since our country, Philippines, has gained its independence from the Spaniards. I know I’m not that much into history subjects, but I am pretty much knowledgeable of some stuff that our country had to go through before it gained its independence.

I am just very much thankful of what our heroes have done for us. They just loved our country so much that they gave their lives to fight for our freedom. I’ve grown up to listening to my history teachers drone on and on about the endless revolutions and uprisings. I’ve read many history books and tried to keep up with all the dates to remember. This day, June 12, is a special day for all the Filipinos. It’s not just about the independence of our country. It’s about the sacrifice that the Filipinos have gone through during the Spanish era, about their love for our country.

I will always be proud of being a Filipino. I am proud of our rich culture and history. I will always love to explore my country first before going abroad. Even though many years have passed, we are indeed still very thankful that our country is free. Today, I just woke up with my nationalistic-mode on. So anyway, yeah, Happy Independence Day my fellow Filipinos! Mabuhay Tayong Lahat!


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