Blind Steps

I don’t even know where to go from here. My mind tells me different things. My heart feels different things. How do I decide on this?

I want to be able to do lots of things. I want to make myself happy. I want others to feel happy. It’s a non-stop episode of ambivalence, indecisiveness, and stubbornness in my life.

I desire to follow what I want. I do feel good too when I ask for advises. Maybe I’m just real clueless.

How do I start on doing things, when I feel so afraid? How do I take risks when I fear of getting hurt and rejected?

I just need something, something that will set my life in motion. I need to be able to feel like I’m living my life. I want to be free.

How do I go on with blind steps? Life is so complicated. Yes, I’ve heard that countless times.


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