Stick with Me?

In my entire life I would say that I made a decent number of friends. Take note of the word, “made”, not “kept”. Maybe I am not a keeper to begin with or maybe I just know who are the ones to keep.

I was never the one who can make lots of friends and be friendly to all people. It’s so rare when I feel completely comfortable with a person the first time I meet him or her. When I make friends, I do enjoy getting to know them more. As I get more at ease with them, I share who I am to them, little by little. In time, they will see that I am a loyal friend.

Through the years, I think I kept the friends who are worth keeping. I’m glad to say that I still have the ones who I know will stick with me till the very end. I would like to call these people, “Soulsisters”. They just knew the real me. I can be myself with them, tell anything I wanted to. It’s like even if we do not see each other that much, we still talk and find a way to reach out.

I am very thankful to my soulsisters, to the ones who were there for me in my lowest and highest points in life. My life will so incomplete without them making me feel better everytime I mess up in life. I just love them.


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