Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster

Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

Dear whoever you are that I am jealous of,

I know I shouldn’t be writing this letter because getting jealous of other people’s lives will not do me any good. But the thing is, sometimes, I can’t help but wonder why life is so unfair that it favors you most of the time than it favors me. I don’t even know if it’s making sense though.

You should be aware that I love you, you’re my friend, and I do get jealous of you and what you have in your life. Your life is pretty much like a fairytale. It’s easier living your life. You get what you want easier. People love you more because well you’re you, pretty, outgoing, and everything a girl should be. You’ve got more because you have everything in life that you’ve been asking for. I wish I had a life like yours, a life that has lesser complications.

Oh wait. Who am I to say that you had easier than me? I don’t even know you that much anymore. I’m starting to lose communication with you as you go on with your successful life. Again, I’m jealous but I don’t hate you. I may be shallow for wanting my life to be a little like yours sometimes.

This is inappropriate. Maybe I should stop getting jealous of you but I can’t stop. Don’t worry. This is just for now that I’ve allowed myself to confess that I envy you. You are lucky. But heck, I am lucky too. It’s just sometimes I wish my life was easier. Though I wish of that most of the time, I think my life is good too in its own way. I may face many issues right now but I love my life for it because it gives me some edge. It makes me stronger. Thanks to my complicated life, I feel like there’s still more in my life that I can’t wait to see. I will stop being miserable for most of the time. I will make myself better than I am now. Then, maybe I’ll get rid of this jealousy that I have on you.

PS: If you somehow read this letter and you think it’s you I’m talking about in this letter, you have two options. Tell me about it or keep it to yourself. Whatever.


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