Should you always chase after the opportunities?

There are times that opportunities come and present itself to you. Do you instantly grab the opportunity head on without getting scared of what the future might bring? you decide first if you should take it because well you weigh your options and think of what will happen to you if you do it? Will you be happy when you do it?

Being in a dilemma when presented such opportunities is really bothering. Like come on! You should be brave and take up the challenge and grab the opportunity that is taring you straight at your eyes. Then, on the other hand, you feel like “I can’t do this” or “I can’t be happy with this. I wouldn’t take it.”

(Cue the sighs.) It’s hard to be in a situation like this when your practicality fights over your heart. Which should you let to win over?

It’s really hard to tell honestly. On one side of the situation, practicality must win over the heart because that’s what will give you a decent life. That is what is more logical to do. On the other hand, would you let the mind go over the heart? Will you still do something when your heart is not into it? Will you?

Where will you be happy?


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