Those who stay..and those who come and go

Life definitely works in the most mysterious ways. We get to encounter people who may and may not affect us significantly. Like most of the things in this world, there is probably a reason why we meet every person that we meet in our lives.

There are some who are just meant to pass by. These are those we will be having brief interactions with, maybe think that they’re good-looking, but never got the guts to introduce ourselves to that stranger. There are others who just annoys us for whatever reason. But actually, most of the time, we don’t really care about others unless there’s a situation which would put us in the position of caring for them.

On the other hand, there are those kinds of people who would affect our lives in the most significant kind of way. These are the ones who we cannot really forget no matter what part they had in our lives. The more appropriate term for them would be the ones who had left footprints or marks in hearts.

We are lucky when these people stay. Like we real blessed to be given the chance to have moments with them. Those real, happy, exciting, silly, adventurous, intimate, serious, and unforgettable moments we were given with them. It’s comforting to know that they will not leave whatever happens.

But what happens to those who chose not to stay or suddenly drifted away from our lives? What about the people we cared so much for but only cared for us less? What about those who think they are better off without us?

It’s scary to care and invest feelings for someone we actually know wouldn’t stay. We get those moments and think why do we ever meet them? Why does it hurt to let them go? Why do they have to let us go?

Whatever reason there is behind meeting someone in our lives, maybe it’s meant to give us a lesson. Maybe they came in our lives to make us stronger and let us be more of what we need to be as a person. Maybe they just want to teach us that people change. Maybe it’s just really people come and go, and that we’re meant to move on with our lives. Or maybe, maybe, they were meant to come in our lives, make us feel loved, the most blessed, and the luckiest person in the face of the earth. Well, who knows?


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