Pray for the Philippines


This morning, Filipinos were all surprised when the news broke about the 7,2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol, Cebu, and other parts of Visayas as well as Mindanao. As I was watching the news, I felt so devastated for my fellow Filipinos who were affected by this tragedy. As of now, 80 people were killed. Then, there are still the aftershocks.

After the big typhoon Santi and war in Zamboanga, our country faces another problem. Many people were killed. Properties were destroyed. I think this is a big wake up call for most of us.

It made me reflect on life. You really can’t tell what can happen. At one second, everything can change. We should make the best of what we have now. Live life to the fullest. Though these are my reflections, I know I have lots of things going on that prevent me on doing so. Stuff like this makes me thankful that I am safe and everyone I love are all safe.

But no..forget about me. This is all about the affected Filipinos. I think we can all help in our ways. My way would be to pray for them. I know that prayers can be much powerful.

So, now I am taking this opportunity to everyone who reads this post from me. Please guys, pray for the Filipinos who were affected. Let’s pray for everyone’s safety. Let’s pray for those who were affected. It might seem like a simple thing but I know prayers can change things especially if there are many people praying for one cause.



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