My bookworm mode is back! Recently, my addiction to books have gotten back to my system. Thanks to the bookstore warehouse sale that I have been to. I bought three books which only cost about 200 pesos or 5 dollars. Imagine the delight that I felt when I was there. I wanted to buy lots of books but I sort of had a limited budget.

Anyway, I guess I just missed reading books. I finished the two books for four nights. It’s not something to boast but I love the feeling of staying up at night and being so caught up in the world that the author has created for the reader. Once again, I felt the privilege given to the bookworms like me..the privilege of being taken into another world. People who don’t read books seriously are missing a lot in their lives.

So, after finishing up the books that I just recently bought. It made me want to buy more to add to my lineup. The problem is the budget. I searched online and I was surprised that there are lots of stores that sell bargain books. One of these days, I’ll go bookhunting!

Other people do retail therapy. I can certainly do the same but I have my own version. I call it bookhunting. šŸ™‚


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