Daily Prompt: The Best Day Ever

You get to enjoy the best day ever — describe in detail what that means to you. Where are you? What will you do? What’s the weather like? What will you eat? Who will you see?

I imagine my best day ever as my wedding day. I don’t know why but it’s the first thing that came into my mind.

Since I was a child, I’ve always been a fan of fairytales. Then, as a woman in  twenty-somethings, I’m someone who is a hopeless romantic. I’m the kind of person you can see always reading a romantic novel and watching chic flicks.

In my best day ever, I get to be everyone’s center of attention (though I cringe at the thought because I can be shy and and anxious). On that day, I will feel so happy because finally I find the person who will be the one and only love of my life (yes this post of so cheesy!).

The wedding ceremony could be in a church. I’ve always dreamed of walking down the church’s aisle. I’m dressed in my dream wedding dress, preferably with a long train and lots of tiny jewel stones. My man will be there at the altar waiting for me. He smiles as he looks at me and me crying because oh well I’m so lucky to have found him. All my loved ones will be there, my family, friends, and colleagues.

After that, I imagine the reception taking place in a garden. I dreamed of having the romantic background with the sunset and all. It will be romantic and with music playing. As the day ends, the sky will be dark with the stars shining brightly. We would be setting sky lanterns..

And yes..that’s how I imagine my best day ever..romantic and perfect. I hope it comes true.


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