Day 3: What was running through my mind?

This day, the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog assignment is somehow like a way of reminiscing for me. Well, today’s topic revolves around my thoughts when I started this blog. Let me be true to all of you. I can’t even seem to remember what was running through my mind when I created it.

Based on what I can recall, I signed up for WordPress to keep a private blog. I think I was looking for an online diary or something where I can share my thoughts and feelings anonymously (I knew I’m weird like that). I remember my first post as dedicated to love (or lack thereof). I was just messing around as a nineteen year-old girl, I go on writing about those stuff (internally smh to myself). I didn’t publish them though at that time because I was shy about having others reading it. Well, actually right now, the posts are visible to the public because I know that those are hidden in some way because I have published many posts already and no one has attempted or interested enough to read back to my archives way back in 2011.

After the three silly posts about love in 2011, I was gone in WordPress because I was busy with my studies. I came back in 2012 when I graduated and passed my nursing licensure exam. Since then, I used my struggles as a newly grad who tries to find her way to her career success for blog posts. Eventually, my blog transformed to something I love because it’s a collection of my memories.


4 thoughts on “Day 3: What was running through my mind?

  1. I have chosen you as one of the blogs I am going follow and learn from for Zero to Hero. I started the blog to share memories of my trip to India and life in general for my children and grandchildren if they are someday curious about “Miss Anne!”

    • Hi Miss Anne! I’m actually surprised that people sees my blog as worthy to follow. Thanks for being one of those people. I also think that you have a very cool and interesting blog. I bet your children and grandchildren will enjoy your blog once they found out about it. Good luck to us for the remaining of the challenge!

  2. Hiya Jenny! 🙂

    Made me laugh because you’re going to have a lot of people going to read your first blogs that are now public! I can see you facepalming at some point in the near future! Check your stats later and see how many people viewed those archives! LOL! 😉

    Good look with, and enjoy the rest of the challenge, Jenny! 🙂

    – Phil

    • Hello there Phil! Now that you mentioned it, I’m afraid to look at the stats of my archives. Like really, I can feel the paranoia right now (just kidding). Anyway, thanks for your time reading my post.I’m glad it made you laugh.

      Good luck to you as well! 🙂

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