Daily Prompt: What it looks from the outside

Tel us about the experience of being outside, looking in — however you’d like to interpret that.

With today’s daily prompt, I am pretty much sure that I can relate 100%. I’ve always described myself to be a wallflower and an introvert. Experiencing something of being outside is definitely common to me. I’ve been faced with situations wherein I feel like I am outside of things, looking into the window, and just observing.

One of the memories I’ve had of experiencing being outside is during occasions in which I can’t say a thing about a topic being discussed. In my mind, I felt like panicking because the people who are in that moment with me might think that I am so shy and quiet. It’s true. I admit it. Even if that is the case, it doesn’t mean that I have nothing to say. On the other hand, sometimes I really don’t have anything to say about a certain topic because I can’t relate to it. Why should I even pretend to become engrossed in the topic, when I am not even interested. So, what I do is drown the conversation in my head and just make my presence known again when I can join in because I know what the topic is about.

There are more more experiences that I have encountered which made feel like I am at the outside. This is just one of the many that just popped in my mind first.


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What it looks from the outside

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  2. Have experienced that as well. Especially when I was in school. That was probably why I was never popular. They thought I was too shy to talk when it was totally the opposite. I think some extroverts really don’t understand that. Even today I feel like an outsider sometimes but I don’t really care anymore.

    • Hi again Liuzzia. I agree with you. I think that extroverts have that common thought about the introverts, that we have nothing to say or we’re just shy. It helps that we accept ourselves for who we are. It’s all that matters. 🙂

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