Days 13 & 15: More and more stuff to learn

Hi everyone! Again, I have been missing out on the daily tasks for the challenge. It’s been a crazy week for me. So, I’m glad that I was able to go back and write posts today. Anyhoo, for this post I will be covering the assignments for days 13 & 15 of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge.


Day 13

This task is something which really made me have a hard time figuring about it. When I saw the task, I actually have no idea to what a blogroll is except that it has links other blogs. So, I tried and read the instructions. After a few minutes of little confusion (actually lots of confusion), I was able to come around and put up my widget for the blog roll. I included some of my favorite blogs there such as The Better Man Projects and Thought Catalog. It’s really helpful for me because I got to learn about blogrolls..though something tells me if I could have explored WordPress more seriously before..I would have made my own blogroll from the very beginning. 😛

Day 15

In this one, I think it’s one of the tasks that I don’t really want to do. In my opinion, I still like the way my blog looks now. So, maybe I will change some other time when I get to the point of being sick of looking at the same appearance of my blog…or maybe I am just being lazy. I know the task is supposed to be about learning but I think I have already tried changing the fonts and changing the headers/background before but the theme doesn’t let me to do so. 😛


That’s all for now…and I am still catching up with the other tasks! So, good luck to me!!!

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