A Spaceship? Run!!! Aliens are coming!!!!!!

It was a quiet and peaceful Sunday morning. I woke up to the sunlight streaming through my window’s curtain. It was another average boring day in my life. As a daily routine, I got ready for my early morning jog around the the neighborhood. Everyday I am used to seeing the very kind Mr. and Mrs. Evans at the front of their garage stretching for their daily aerobics routine. Usually, I would pass by them and their immaculate house. Then, wave and smile. I must admit that even if I don’t talk to them often I think they are pretty nice folks.

However, something was off  today. I noticed that Mrs. Evans holds a baseball bat. She stood at the front of their closed garage door in a defensive stance as if there’s someone behind the doors and ready to hit whoever comes out of it. I approached her and told her, “Hi Mrs. Evans! Good morning! How are you doing? Where’s Mr. Evans?” She smiled at me though it looked forced. She was shaking!! I could see the terror in her eyes. From that moment, I decided that it will be best for us to get away from their garage. Who knows? There might be a murderer or a criminal behind the closed garage door. I pulled her towards the direction of my house.

When we got inside, I let her sit on my couch. Then, I asked her, “What’s happening Mrs. Evans? Can you please tell me so that I could get some help?” After calming herself, she told me that she saw a spaceship inside their garage. At first, I laughed at her and told her “Seriously?”. I didn’t mean to be rude but she appeared  angry when I laughed. I tried to humor her then. So, I kept my face neutral and encouraged her to tell me what’s going on.

She said that they both left their house early. Her husband was supposed to pick his friends who are visiting them for today while she ran some errands and went for grocery. When she got back, she noticed that there’s something wrong. Their garage door was open half-way. That’s when she saw the spaceship. She was so terrified of what she had seen and the first thing she thought of was to protect herself. So, that’s why she got the baseball bat that was placed beside their garage door. Then, she pushed the garage door’s button to close it all the way.

In my mind, I am thinking that this might be some kind of illusion she’s having. I just nodded at her and let her talk to help her calm down. I told her that nobody’s going to help us if we tell others especially the cops about what she saw. So, I volunteered to come there with her. As a form of self-defense, I brought my pepper spray and kitchen knife. This is so turning into a scary movie..a very crappy one.

Mrs. Evans and I approached their garage as silent as we can. I was poised to attack whoever was behind the doors. She pressed the button for the door to lift up. I held my breath as I waited….

I gasped when I saw what she was talking about. There it was. A spaceship! Its multicolored lights are blinking. Fog was also coming from its open door. I would have never thought that I will see a spaceship in my life. I was not frightened but rather amazed by the sight in front of me. I felt something  pulling me to come towards it. Unconsciously, I was walking forward to the entrance of the spaceship but Mrs. Evans pulled me and hysterically said, “What the hell are you thinking?” I smiled and told her to stop freaking out. Maybe this is is something amazing. I don’t care if she’s scared to come with me but I am very curious to see what’s waiting inside the spaceship. She shook her head and gripped my hand. Then, she told me that she will come with me.

We walked hand in hand towards the spaceship’s entrance. We cautiously approached the door and went inside.

That was when we both said…

“What the fuck?!”

There, in front of us, was Mr. Evans with their family, friends, and some people from the neighborhood. They all shouted, “Surprise!!!” and sang “Happy Birthday” for Mrs. Evans. I just shook my head and smiled. I joined the crowd as they sang for the birthday girl.This is the weirdest birthday surprise that I have ever witnessed. Like EVER. That was so creative of Mr. Evans.

This post was written for the What If Weekly Writing Challenge. The prompt was:

What if you discovered a spaceship in your neighbor’s garage?


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