Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

At this moment, I am taking a break from the Zero to Hero Challenge. For the meantime, I am going to post about today’s aily prompt. It’s been a while since I last posted using the prompt. So, here it goes. The prompt was:

Think about the generation immediately younger or older than you. What do you understand least about them β€” and what can you learn from them?

First of all, I would say that we can learn from each other. No matter what the age is, every one of us can learn from every person that we encounter.

I’d go first on what is the thing that I least understand from the generation younger than me. I think that would be early relationships. Call me old fashioned or bitter but I still think that having relationship requires maturity. One of the most common stories we hear about is teenage pregnancy. I’ve encountered girls who got pregnant at such an early age. There’s nothing wrong with being pregnant but come on! It’s very dangerous if the girl will have to undergo the pregnancy. There are a lot of risks not only for her but also for the baby she will be carrying. Also, what about her future? There are still lots of things that she has to accomplish to build her character before giving birth and raising a child. I think that proper guidance should be given to teens nowadays. Freedom is good but it shouldn’t be abused.

On the other hand, I adore how the teens nowadays are so brave and outspoken. Before, there are no social media but now everyone can voice out their thoughts and ideas to the world. In my opinion, it’s really good that some teens can be involved in sharing their opinions about certain important issues.

As for the older genration, the thing I least understand about them is when they get angry when someone younger than them tries to explain himself/herself. In our country, it is a must to give older people with so much respect. However, there are times that this causes the older people to block out what the younger ones have to say. For an instance, when my parents get angry with me, they will scold me and ask me what happened. However, when I speak for myself and explain, they will get mad at me and accuse me of being rude. It can be really unfair sometimes. Lol.

Anyway, the thing that I learn the most from the older generation is patience. We all live in a world where everything is instant. We don’t have to work for things as much as they had during their time. I think being with them and hearing stories from them will make us realize how lucky we had that we have so much convenience in our lives due to technology.


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

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  8. Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Jenny! :O)

    I’m still mental, sorry about that! πŸ˜€

    Zero-to-hero sucks! But! You’ve dominated the challenge anyway considering you have a job that keeps you busy! I’d give you some kind of award, because you deserve one, but I don’t have one, so you’ll have to make do with a pat on the head *Pats Jen on the head*. There you go! πŸ˜€

    I agree with you about relationships and being pregnant for teens, it’s a life changing event and requires a certain state of mind and a life-time effort! In my area of England there’s a lot of teenage mothers/parents and it’s not really seen as an issue anymore (It’s like that in most urban areas of the UK), it’s just accepted whereas 35 or so years ago it was looked down upon.

    As for teens being outspoken, they’ve been doing that in the West since the 1950s. Even though they have the right to they seldom use it to say anything of interest, which is sad.

    One of the things that bothers me about the generation below me and my own, is the way they demand instant respect. I mean, for me, everyone starts out with 100% respect from me and then it’s up to them to keep it that way. But, by my standards, many of them can deplete that within a few minutes! It’s also like they don’t understand respect sometimes has to be earned!

    Another thing that gets on my nerves, they’re given an opportunity to get an education and they squander it, citing that it’s “Boring!”. No, rather they believe they’re going to be some kind of music star, footballer or model, this is because of the many talentless idiots that inhabit those roles and get paid by the bucket load for it. It’s an unrealistic idea of the world which smacks them in the face at some point!

    You know what, I’m just going to save time:

    What bothers me about the generation below me: Almost everything.

    What bothers me about the generation above me: Almost everything.


    Which east/south-east Asian country are you in, Jenny? Because most of them are very similar regarding the way you elders act. Having said said that my gran was sort of like that! lol

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Jenny, however you spend it! :O)

    – Phil

    • Hi there again Phil! Lol, well thanks for the pat on my head? Why do I think it’s hilarious and embarassing? πŸ˜› Anyway, I think you have written a better post than what I had to say about the topic on this daily prompt. You nailed it!! Hmmm..well I came from the Philippines, the country with the 7, 107 islands. Yeah you’re right..most of the Asians have that thingy about the elders. So, thanks also for wishing me a wonderful weekend. I hope you had great time too. πŸ™‚

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