Nurse Problems: Freaking Out? Yes I am

What? January had passed already? Yes. Yes. Oh gosh. I can’t believe how fast time went. It just went by like that. Sometimes I worry if I was able to do as much as I can in a certain time. It feels like one month was too long and yet it’s still little time to get what I was aiming for.

So, why am I freaking out? I feel like I have been left out of nursing to a great extent. I mean it’s been already 9 months since I was able to perform the responsibilities and duties of a nurse. It’s as if I am worrying that all knowledge I have might leave my memories. I don’t really want to leave the profession that I have come to love. I feel good about knowing that I am a nurse but it’s really tough. In nursing it’s like, you can’t get what you want that fast. You have to strive hard to become a successful nurse. I know it’s like that in every profession. I have to admit that I am frustrated by the fact that I am not practicing my profession. It’s my fault really. I would have had the chance to start working as a staff nurse but I chickened out.

We all know the saying “You don’t know what you have until you lose it”. That is exactly what I realized. Again, regretting things will not be very useful to me. Instead, I think I will need to live with the PRESENT.

Back to the PRESENT: I have a job that pays off good better compared to practicing nursing in my country. I will not deny it but I need to survive. I chose my writing job over nursing. After 9 months of leaving my real profession, here I am wondering about things. I think I am missing out on a big part of my life. I realized that I can help save people’s lives and make my life more worth it.

Because of that realization, I am more determined than ever. I will be back to the profession that I have come to love. I feel like it’s my calling. I decided to save money for a training. I hope I can pursue this. I know it will not be easy but I will persevere. I promise that in two months I will be back to practicing nursing. I will improve myself and live the life that I ought to be having. I refuse to be locked up in my room writing in solitude (lol, jk). I love writing but nursing is my calling. I need a path and a clear goal. I hope I can do this.


2 thoughts on “Nurse Problems: Freaking Out? Yes I am

  1. Hey Jenny! :O)

    Indeed! January has already gone! :O That was so damn fast!

    I didn’t know you’d quit your job to be a writer of sorts! What kind of writing is it and what’s it for?

    If you feel you have to be a nurse then go for it! šŸ™‚ Then again you don’t need me to tell you that, you’re an intelligent lady who knows what she wants!

    Respect to you for being a nurse though, it’s hard work, long hours, paper work and some difficult patients! I don’t think I could do it, I’m far too short tempered! lol

    All the best, Jen! :O)

    – Phil

    • Hi Phil! Actually, I didn’t really quit my job. I was offered the job but I chickened out and decided not to take it. I a freelance medical writer. So, I guess my work is still medical related. I miss the feeling of working in a hospital though.

      Well, yes I finally realized that I should pursue it. It’s been really my dream to become a successful nurse.

      Again Phil, thanks for lurking in my blog. LOL šŸ˜› You take care!

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