To one of the most wonderful people I know, my grandma

I am terribly missing my grandmother right now. On this day, she and my grandpa are reunited again. She wouldn’t need to feel pain anymore. She’s there in that beautiful place where she deserves to be at, for the beautiful soul that she has.

From the moment that I came to this world, she was one of the first people who got to hold me and cuddle me. When I was this little girl, I went to her for some stories of her childhood. I still remember the times that my cousins and I spend our time together playing at the front of my grandparents house. Those were such good memories. As I grew and became a lady, she was there, witnessing me grow and achieve things.

Aside from my mom, she’s one of the most-worried and most-concerned people when I get sick. She was there every moment. I know she’s happy with what I achieved and who I turned out to be.

This beautiful person, my grandma (I call her, “Nanang”), is now gone. Like what all people have been saying, most of us don’t fully appreciate a person, not until they’re gone. I do appreciate her, but now, I am missing her so much. All the little things she does: how she calls me, “Ne” (her term of endearment for her granddaughters), how she kisses my cheek and hugs me, how I had those long conversations with her, how I feel her concern for me, how she lets people know she cares for them, how she got so much passion for helping people, and the list could go on.

I would have done more for her. I would have cared for her when she was at the ICU, but I didn’t pushed myself to find a way. I was just there, I believed at that time that she will wake up again and talk to me again. From the moment I saw her there lying and comatose, I felt my heart crush. I know that she’s been through a lot and she’s fought hard to stay with us. As I was talking to her, I just knew in my heart, that somehow she’s listening to the words we were telling her. I failed to tell her I love her. I was fixated on my idea that I will still have the chance to do that. That chance was robbed off me when she passed away. I feel so much regret about that. But I hope she does know that I love her so so so much. I love how she’s been there for me all through my life. I will never forget her kindness, her love, and her passion.

As I typing this now, I know in my heart that she’s reunited with my grandpa. Finally, after so many years, they’re together again, at heaven, where there is no suffering and no pain.

My dear grandma, my beloved Nanang, I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart. I will always cherish all those memories I shared with you. I will always picture you as my smiling grandma who’s got so much love for her family.

May you rest in peace.

I love you Nanang, my dearest grandma.


Daily Prompt: Take Care

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

When I get sick this is the scene:

I would suck inside my bedroom, writhing in misery (just kidding, but close to that). Anyway, I do know how to take care of myself though. I am a nurse. However, even that’s the case, my mum would always come barging in my room and be my private nurse. Yes, she’s the best nurse that anyone could ever have. I know that I am close to being a grown mature woman in my 20s. When I get sick, well that information gets ignored, somehow, I get back to the childish side of me. I would totally let my mother to take care of me.

Everytime she sees that I feel sick, she immediately goes to my rescue. She’d start by cooking me a mouthwatering soup to make me feel better. She even brings it to bed so I will not have to get up. Then, she all goes the way by reminding me to take my medications even though she knows that I probably know more about medications than her. After all the  caring acts, she will also go and scold me for not taking care of myself. She would tell me, “That’s what you get for staying up late browsing the internet and not eating healthy..blah..blah..” But I don’t mind it. It’s good to know that even if I’m this old, she still takes care of me. Sometimes, I can’t help but feel nostalgic in times like this. I just feel like I’m back to the 5-year old me being taken care by my mother when I get sick. It just brings back all the memories.


Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses

Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation you experienced on waking up today. Pick the one you’re most drawn to, and write. (For a bigger challenge, pick the one you’re leastdrawn to.)


I woke up at 10:30 in the morning to the sound of my brother’s voice singing at the top of his lungs. Ughhh, this is what I had to deal with everyday, my brother’s great singing skills. Don’t get me wrong but I love my brother. It’s just it would have been better if my sleep wasn’t interrupted by his wailing. Just kidding. As I decided to finally wake up, I smelled our lunch being cooked by my mom. It’s not that much but it definitely reminded my tummy to feel hungry. My youngest brother, meanwhile, is busy playing games on my cellphone.

This scenario every morning might seem annoying but it’s not really. I love waking up with my family as my company. It’s a great feeling that I don’t wake up alone and feel alone throughout the day. Their sight brightens my days instantly in the most un-perfect way.




I don’t know how my mom does it

I’ve been probably late for posting this since Mothers’ Day was last Sunday. I know I might be left behind but not totally. I think it’s just fine to give thanks to mothers out there anytime.


I don’t know how my mom does it.

She wakes up everyday cooking  breakfast for us.

She does most of the housechores.

She puts up with my father’s constant ramblings and performs her duties as his wife. Though they may have arguments, they still love each other.

She supports our different endeavors in life.

She remains patient despite the troubles we’ve been in.

She loves us for who we are.

She cares for us without asking for anything in return.

She dreams for bright future for each of her children.

She still is a thoughtful daughter to my granny and loving sister to my aunts and uncles.

She does tons of things while entertaining herself with her afternoon TV dramas.

She never gets tired. Even no matter she yells at us, she keeps on taking care of us.

I don’t know how she did it.

Carried us for 9 months in her womb

Gave birth which I know may have caused her pain during the delivery

Stayed awake most of the nights I was crying when I was a baby

Witnessed me learning my first words, taking my first steps

Taught me lessons when I was still a little child

Explained things to me when it all got complicated during college

Not getting angry for my mistakes

Sending me to college

Praying for my success as I start my career as a nurse

Still care for me even if I think I should be a grown-up independent woman now.

She’s a hero and an inspiration. I would not be who I am if it weren’t for my parents. My mom is just so important that I would have been lost without her. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! You’re the best! Thank You so much.


Mr. Superman & Mrs. Superwoman

Just found out about the Daily Prompt. I can’t believe I’ve been here for months and I’ve just discovered it. Anyway, on with my post:

Inspiration from: Daily Prompt: My Hero

I remember a certain point in my childhood, my teacher asked our class who is our hero. She asked us to write an essay about who is the person we consider to be our own personal hero. I can recall way back then, that I would always write either my mum and my dad in those essays. Here I am again, writing about my heroes, Mr. Superman & Mrs. Superwoman.

Mr. Superman, my dad. Though I’ve never had the luxury to spend most of my childhood with him, I’ve always considered him to be a special man in my life. He is a real superhero. He worked abroad since I was a baby just to give his family a good life. And for me, any man who is able to provide well to his family within his capabilities, and able to do his best to fulfill his responsibilities, is greater than any superhero that has been created in comics or in movies.

Mrs. Superwoman, my mum. She’s SUPER in terms of giving the best love that she can give to her children. She’s always been there for me and my brothers. She was there to guide us while my dad is away working. She may be crazy in her own way, like she rants in full mode when she sees our house so unkempt. But that’s just the way she is and we love her for that.

My parents are indeed my heroes. I think they do deserve a post in my blog. This is for the best parents who are SUPERHEROES in their own way, mum and dad. The two of you have always inspired me. You may have always been overprotective of me but I know you just want the best for me.


People who are meant to stay.

Ever wondered who are these people?

“nods* Yes, we all do get a sentimental moment wherein we wonder who among these who people will never leave us.

In my case, I’m pretty sure, I can check my family on my list. No matter how sometimes they can be so irritating, I just do love them. I don’t ever think they’ll be missing in action in my life.

Friends. Some I was able to keep, some were not. I, constantly, have issues with some people who do not put an effort to stay in my life. I get sad when they don’t remember me, even just a text or tweet, there are those who do not bother.

Over time, I realized that I did not really have to have issues with the people who let me go. Firstly, on my part, when I feel that the person I know is beginning to slip away, I make an effort. When they do not seem to just put the same effort as I do, that’s when I let go. I let them be. That’s the way I know who are these people who are meant to stay in my life. If those ones who leave get away and come back, well, I can always give second chances. We all deserve it.

Right now, I’m interested into making more friends and hopefully not letting them go.


A post dedicated to my lil brother, the total procrastinator.

Currently, I’m just taking my time off and relaxing at home, so I get to spend so much time with my family. One thing that I spend my time on is watching my younger brother do all the works he has for college. He is an architecture student and he’s like doing lots of homeworks (plates, scale models, drawings, etc.). I cannot help but watch him everyday, but the thing is he is very tiring to watch. He’s like the TOTAL PROCRASTINATOR. He starts doing things very late at night and he’s someone who’s easily distracted by lots of things. All that I’m saying is that how I wish I could totally make him change his attitude. I get tired of watching him doing the same routine over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m totally proud of my brother, he’s super talented and I’m jealous because he’s so artistic and I’m not. Just kidding. 🙂