I’m back from out of nowhere

Hi everyone! I’ve disappeared again after a long time. Anyway, even if I have been gone. I must say that I was able to read lots of books in my “To be read” list. So, it was worth it. I missed writing and updating this blog though. As far as I can remember the last post I had was about the Zero to Hero Blogging Challenge which I have not been able to accomplish. At least I tried right? I haven’t even minded doing the entries fro some of the blogging events here in WordPress.

Oh well, that is so me. There are lots of times that I just lose my interest in some things. I realized that I’d rather blog when I feel like doing it. I don’t really want my posts to be that much prompted even though I love the daily prompt. Hopefully, after this post, I will still be able to regularly update my blog.

I am here again because I just feel like there is so much more to look out for. I feel hope that there is more to the life that I am living now. So, I decided to blog again about my experiences in life.

Okay, so that’s all. Lol, this post just looked like a rant about nothing in particular which is true. Anyway, have a great day/night y’all!


Day 21: Stubborn Me

The task for Day 21 of Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge is associated with Day 19. It’s all abour using a new-to-me format for my post. Here’s my entry for Day 19. Gah!!! Okay, let me explain what happened there. I might now be in the mood or maybe that’s the way I really intended my post to be. I was actually trying to use the different formats other than the standard one. Unfortunately, the other formats don’t work on my chosen theme.

What I did was a little lame post. That is me being honest here. I just put a youtube video and a quote. I know it’s not totally “new-to-me” but the lack of words disturbed me. That’s the new-to-me format that I tried for the Day 19 task. I am used to publishing posts which are at least paragraph length…or if I post a quote..It has to be so thoughtful and inspiring. In my post for Day 19, I chose a video for one of my latest favorite songs. It’s called Demons by Imaginary Dragons. It such a meaningful and beautiful song that I feel the urge to have a post dedicated to it only. No other words written but just me stating “This song is my jam.” That is actually very true though I am disturbed because me saying “This song is my jam” doesn’t sound like me.

Anyway, on with what Day 21 task is all about. The instruction said use a social media platform to publicize the Day 19 post. I will not say more because people who have read my posts before know the reason why I am not doing it. So..that’s why I entitled this post, “Stubborn Me”.



Days 13 & 15: More and more stuff to learn

Hi everyone! Again, I have been missing out on the daily tasks for the challenge. It’s been a crazy week for me. So, I’m glad that I was able to go back and write posts today. Anyhoo, for this post I will be covering the assignments for days 13 & 15 of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge.


Day 13

This task is something which really made me have a hard time figuring about it. When I saw the task, I actually have no idea to what a blogroll is except that it has links other blogs. So, I tried and read the instructions. After a few minutes of little confusion (actually lots of confusion), I was able to come around and put up my widget for the blog roll. I included some of my favorite blogs there such as The Better Man Projects and Thought Catalog. It’s really helpful for me because I got to learn about blogrolls..though something tells me if I could have explored WordPress more seriously before..I would have made my own blogroll from the very beginning. 😛

Day 15

In this one, I think it’s one of the tasks that I don’t really want to do. In my opinion, I still like the way my blog looks now. So, maybe I will change some other time when I get to the point of being sick of looking at the same appearance of my blog…or maybe I am just being lazy. I know the task is supposed to be about learning but I think I have already tried changing the fonts and changing the headers/background before but the theme doesn’t let me to do so. 😛


That’s all for now…and I am still catching up with the other tasks! So, good luck to me!!!


Day 8: My attempt in making the Irresistible “About Page”

Hello everyone! The next assignment for the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog is all about giving the About Page a makeover. From what I understood, the ideal and irresistible About Page has a certain focus, not just a list of facts about me. That’s the former state of my About Page. It turns out that I just put some random info about me. Actually, I love mine just the way it is now but I guess I could use some tips.

To improve it, I read about the About Page 101 tips. i tried doing all that was mentioned in the list except the last one. Okay, so as a finished product, I think I was able to create a better flow of my description for the About Page. Like what was said in the task, I hope it’s more of a meal rather than a shopping list. Well, at least I tried right? Here is a link to my About Page.



Day 6: Adding new elements

As promised, here is my Day 6 entry for the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. I guess it’s never to late to post this. I’m just obsessed in completing all the tasks even if they are not in order. Here is how my day went in GIFs


When I woke up I was like

What I did at work

What I really felt doing at work

After work


What I really did


Yay! Done! I have no idea I am so going to enjoy this one. More GIF posts in the future then. Good night for me.


Days 5 & 7: Catching Up

I know I have been gone lately. It’s just that I was not in the mood to blog. That’s what I always follow..I write just when I feel like doing so. I don’t want to do it as a task but rather something that I do for fun. Anyway, I know it’s useless to be rationalizing about my lack of post these past few days. So, moving on..these are my take on the tasks for Days 5  and 7 of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge:

Day 5 & 7

The task for day 5 is about choosing a theme for the blog. I thought of this like trying on clothes. When I shop for clothes it takes me hours before I find the right one that I’d like to buy. I make sure that it fits my personality and that I feel comfortable wearing it.

So, for my blog..my only criteria is if it looks girly and pleasing to my eyes. Yes, I said it right pleasing to MY eyes. Like the assignment mentioned, the theme should be reflective of me, comfortable, good to look at. What I did was try on the ones which are simple which describes me too. Some of these themes are Typo, Chunk, PinkTouch, and Mixfolio. They look good though because most of the content of my blog are texts. However, it just doesn’t suit me because these don’t have the panel for widgets and stuff. For now, I think I am fine with my current theme, which is Pachyderm.

Now, on with the Day 7 task.. It’s all about personalizing the header and background. On this one, I just changed the color palette and font used for the theme. I tried using the background thingies on the customization but it only looked overly-designed. So, I just went with the plain pink background (note: pink is my favorite color! oh..and I dunno what shade of pink or red is this..so whatever) and then the coquette font for the header and titles plus the arimo for the body text.

For the header, I will try and ask my lil bro to draw something cute for the blog. So that, it will look more personalized, more ME 🙂


Okay..here comes the total FAIL of the day. I made all those changes on the theme but I didn’t see that the Customization of the theme is allowed if I will purchase it. That just sucks. I was actually writing this post while I was editing and all. I guess I’d have to stay with the default appearance of the theme for now. I still like it though. Lol, I know that’s a major FAIL for a comeback post for this blogging challenge. Meh.


I will post Day 6 tomorrow..together with the next task. Congratulations to those who are able to keep up with the challenge. Gosh, I am so left behind..I even messed up on this one. Anyway, I will Keep Calm and Carry On.


Have a great day everyone. 🙂


Day 2: Oh na na..what’s my name?

Yay! It’s the second day of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. Today’s assignment focuses on the blog’s title and tagline. My first reaction was “WHAT?!”. It’s because I saw that it suggests to edit the title and tagline.

When I started out this blog, I really had a hard time to come up with what I should name it with and what to say for the tagline. I know that mine isn’t that rare to find. You’ll find many blogs with the words, “rants” and “ramblings”, in their titles.

Now, I’m thinking..what sets my blog apart from those? I feel like I should be convincing you all what’s so unique about my blog that you should read it or follow it but I also feel that there’s no need to. As I stated in my previous post, I made this blog for myself and for nobody else. I don’t write for an audience. I am here to share about myself. If people are interested, well, I feel as though I am the happiest person in the world because an individual will take time to read what my thoughts are. If no one reads it, to be honest, it will suck. Lol. Well, at least I was able to express myself freely.

Going back to editing my blog title and tagline, I think that it is unnecessary for me to do so. In the beginning, I used to think that what I came up with was lame but now I rather think it’s awesome. I fell in love my blog title, “My Endless Rants and Ramblings” and the tagline, “Just a place where I can be myself and share myself”. It’s pretty fitting to what my blog is about. It’s about my rants and ramblings which hopefully shares lessons in life.

The introductory post will be the About Me I just recently updated. It’s better now than the one I used to have. I’m also loving it because I felt like it’s more ME. 🙂

Oh and I just put up the widget on what my blog is all about.


So..done for Day 2! Looking forward to the next assignments!


Day 1: Me and revisiting my blog memories

Okay! So, I made a promise to myself that this year would be less boring and crazier for me. As a part of this, I seek challenges that would bring out the best in me. In my level of bravery, the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog, is what I decided to take on for now. I am also expecting myself to face bigger challenges than this one though.

Anyway, back to the focus which is this blogging challenge.. Well, here goes my Day 1 post:

Who am I really?

Anyone knows me as Jenny. I identify myself as a wallflower, a person who just likes to observe from the background. I prefer to listen rather than to speak. I remember the quote about the quiet ones having the loudest minds. You could probably add me to the list of people with that personality.

That is why I have this blog, to speak for myself. That is why I called my blog My Endless Rants and Ramblings. It is definitely a place where I can share myself and be myself.

What is this blog all about?

From the title itself, I intend to keep this as an avenue to express myself. I am not here to please others. I will write what I want to because it’s my blog.

Why should you guys read it?

This is a tough one to answer. I don’t know really. Maybe you’ll relate in some of my posts because it’s mostly about life, career, and many more. I am pretty sure there are others out there who share the same experiences like mine.

That’s all for my first try. Let’s see if I am going to survive this 30 day blog challenge. Good luck to me and the others who are part of it!


You Have To Want It, More Than You Are Afraid Of It

This should be my New Year’s Resolution #1: I have to want it more than I am afraid of it.

The Better Man Project ™

You have to want it more than you are afraid of it not happening. In 2013, I learned a great deal about myself. But most importantly, I learned what I really do want from this life. And as I sit here tapping away at the keys at 3 am, I realize that 2014 needs to be dedicated to something besides “just doing” what I have learned in the past year. It needs to be devoted to being the most extraordinary version of myself I can possibly be.

Every day, we have opportunities to grow, change, and rise to the occasion. What may just seem like another day is actually an opportunity to do something fantastic. True, most of the days we have may start off as normal, but our plans that we have for ourselves, if implemented, can truly turn something mediocre into something, well, extraordinary. It takes effort. Lots…

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