Day 23: Round-Up

Hi everyone! I’m alive!! Lol, well you all know what’s my excuse for being absent for days. Anyway, two days to go before the end of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. This is what I will say: Never say never. I still feel that I can accomplish the remaining tasks of the challenge. It’s one of the times when I should let my stubbornness rule. The task for Day 23 is to publish a post which contains the links to the blogs with my fave posts. Here they are:

#1: When a man touches a womans blog, distaster strikes-From One Crazy Life to Another

When I read this task, this is one of the posts that immediately came to my mind. I am just one of those hopeless romantic girls who swoon over a lot of things. I think this is a post that everyone should read especially men out there!!! 😛 It’s really an fun thing to read. You’ll adore Amanda and her blog. It’s full of posts that will make you smile and be inspired.

#2: I’m grateful for stubbornness-Life’s Little Mercies

I must say that I am lucky to have stumbled in this blog. Life’s Little Mercies is a daily gratitude blog. If you ever need a motivation, this blog is a must to visit. Here, you’ll find that you can be inspired just appreciating what you have in life. I love the post titled, “I’m grateful for stubbornness”. Like what I have mentioned earlier, I am stubborn. Great thing, the advantages of stubbornness was discussed here.

#3: I’m here now-Two-Minute Tune-Up

Pam’s blog is one of the many inspirational blogs that I have been following. This particular post is one of the most moving in my opinion. It’s something that inspires me to just focus on what I have rather complain about what I don’t have. In her blog, you will find many short motivational posts that can help you get going when it just gets tough.

Moving on to the next tasks..