Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

I guess this is what we’ll always be, two strangers who talk about our lives in a daily basis through the internet. But despite that, no matter how much I talk to him, we ‘ll never really know each other, at all.

I met him in a social media chatting website. It was due to my curiosity that I accepted his friend request. Since that day, we talked to each other every night, talking about random things in life, about random facts about ourselves.

He just signed in again. I sighed to myself. I don’t know why, but I am always excited by the idea of him being online, that he does not get tired of talking to me every night. I guess what I just said made me sound such a hopeless romantic fool.


Him: Hi! How are you?

Me: I’m fine as usual, hbu?

Him: I’m good. I’m pretty tired from work. Anyway, I was thinking about this all day. I want to ask you something.

Me: Uhmmm, okay. What’s that?

Him: I was kinda thinking. How about we meet each other personally?


I suddenly felt like choking as I read his words. Like seriously, he would like to see me??? WTF. What should I do? Should I see him or not? I’m such a worrier. What if he doesn’t like me?


*Okay, if anyone actually reads this, I’d like to see what’s on your mind. Will she go see him or not? *:)