Here’s the deal

Okay, so here’s the deal..I know I promised on posting more often now but it seems that my schedule is not allowing me to do. Things got busier than ever. I don’t even know how I will manage my time.

All writing job opportunities came in to me. I’m glad to say that I am pursuing most of them. So, for now I got freelance jobs as article writer, e-mail responder, and virtual assistant. As happy as I am now for getting those, I kind of miss nursing. I miss the hospital environment. I know there’s definitely a reason why my nursing career is on hiatus for NOW.

On another matter, I should have been starting my “Notes to Self” page but the problem is that I thought I knew WordPress that well. The thing is I was wrong. LOL. I don’t even know how to put posts in a specific page. There are lots of tutorials out there but I am so lazy to follow the complex codes and stuff. Urgghhh! This is a little frustrating.

In the mean time, I will be posting as is with my new page on hold just like my nursing career.

Anyhoo, I am just glad to sneak away from my work and post here. I am excited for all the things that I know are about to happen. Though I want to rant more, I believe this should be continued in another post. That’s it for now.



I want to

My life has been a blur these past few days. There had been lots of drama and tension. I felt like I was losing control of the things that were going on my life. It’s because some people are making decisions for me. I’m sure they only want what’s best for me but I can’t let them just tell what I should do with my life.

It’s just they don’t get me. I want to pursue two things in my life, it’s writing and nursing. Even if nursing is not my first choice, I learned to love it. It’s a fulfilling job. It feels really great when the patients appreciate their nurse. Meanwhile, I am forever in love with writing and reading. Lately, I have been doing some freelance writing. I love doing that job. I got to learn and explore more stuff.

All that I am saying is, I want to make decisions in my life. I don’t want others telling me how I should live it. I want to make myself feel happy because I love what I am doing. It’s just hard to wake up everyday when all I think about is how horrible my life is, just because I didn’t follow my heart.

I just hope that I’ll get somewhere, with all these things I’m thinking.



Making the most out of it

I am making the most out of what I can do. I once said to myself that I will do it when I am given the opportunity. Yes, the opportunity has shown up and I definitely gave it a try. Now, I’m proud that I achieve something that I promised myself to be doing.

I’ve always loved reading and writing. I am really lucky that I have been given a chance to do writing for living. I was able to get a part-time job for writing articles and stuff. I know that it’s worth a shot. I’m still a beginner and I still need to learn more. I am just so happy that I get to do a thing that I enjoy as a job.

Now, I’m trying to balance everything in my hands, my nursing career training, this article writing job, my blogging, my reading, and my relaxing time with my family.

I do feel lucky and blessed now.


What I learned today

I had a long and exhausting day today. I was actually worried about facing this day because of the over-thinker that I am. When I start thinking about things, I worry a lot, which is still a problem of mine that I’m trying to solve.

Anyway, as I got along with my day, I’ve met some people who really inspired me. They are such nice people and they even taught me about the tasks that I should accomplish today. As the time passed, I realized that I admire them. I admire them for their dedication to their work. I remember my conversation with one of them. She said that even though she has loads of work to do every day, even if she does not get to sit even for a moment, even if she doesn’t eat on time, even if she has to work from morning to evening taking care of different people , she loves her job. She enjoys it.

How I wish when I get my job as a nurse, I would become like her. I want to be someone who is so competent and so compassionate with my work. I want to be someone who loves and enjoys her job. I want to be successful not because I get loads of money from my job but  because I love my job. That’s the kind of future I want to see myself in 5 to 10 years from now.



What it is like to be a fresh graduate and still job hunting

Only a few months ago, I can still remember myself rejoicing over the success of accomplishing my studies and passing the nursing board exam. Yes, I am still thankful for those. Being able to finish your studies is a great deal of privilege. Yeah, I know it too well too.

However, it’s so hard to find a job that fits my field of studies. It’s been like 3 months already that I’m stuck at home doing nothing. Not really nothing, I’m going to trainings and seminars, but still, most of the time, I do nothing. I’m still unemployed and I guess I’m sort of panicking because I don’t want to be the only one who is left unemployed when most of my batchmates are beginning to get hired. I need to really pinpoint why is that so.

If I think about it, I was so eager to do job hunting a few months back. I’ve sent my resumes to different companies but the position I was applying for is not medical-related. That’s only because I’m just qualified since I am a college graduate. I was interviewed and almost got the job, but there’s no luck. Maybe I got all too nervous or maybe I’ve ran out of confidence due to the interviews where I got rejected. Then, there would be some opportunities and  there will be times that my mind would totally go against the moment and just feel that if I got accepted for the job, I would not be happy with it. Therefore, not showing for the interview or really messing it up because I’m not in the right mood. It’s like having so much ambivalence  take over me.

To be honest, I have so much insecurities because I’m a fresh graduate and I don’t know too much about the field that I would like to get into. Worries also eat up my mind. And I know I have to stop myself and have loads of optimism if I want to start my career as a nurse.

Right now I am praying that one (maybe not one only) of the companies I’ve sent my resume to will pick it up and consider giving me a chance. I promise to really really try and do my best when I get called for an interview. I am looking forward to all the challenges and earn for myself and my family.

Positive thoughts are what I need now more than ever. *Chants: “Please pick my resume and give me a chance. Please..*


It was never easy.

Enough for the previous love-talk of mine. Instead, I should really focus on starting my career. Actually, I don’t even know where to start. I have  lots of dilemmas in my mind. I know that I should learn to prioritize.

As much as I want to work in a hospital, I am still having second-thoughts. It’s not because of the stress that I will be facing because I know whatever job I choose to apply for, I will be needing lots of hardwork and that will include me facing stress. Maybe, I can blame my never ending self-doubt.

“Nobody said it was easy.” I remembered the lines of Coldplay’s The Scientist. Yes, this is all for sure. We all want to start something that can change us and our lives but it’s never that easy.

I am a starter and together with that I am very much of a dreamer. I have lots of plans and goals that I want to achieve. That is because I want to prove something to myself and to the people around me. I don’t want to be a loser.

The path that I will be taking is still unclear to me. One thing is definite in my mind though. Everytime someone tells me what to do with my career or does a decision for me, I get really upset and angry. It’s not because I am a narrow-minded person but I’d rather make plans for myself. It’s my life anyway. I did not mean to be rude to those people since I know they’re only concerned but they’ve got to understand that not all things depend on what they want to happen.

Right now, I want  to get hired, so badly, in a work which is medical-related. It just frustrates me because it turns out that applying for a position in hospitals requires a lot of connection with the people inside it. It’s unfair because I don’t have one. Hopefully, I’ll find an exception to this though.

I have lots of alternative plans too, in case I’ll have a hard time with hospitals. I can still go to HMOs or Medical Transcriptionist Companies. I really hope, the opportunities don’t run out.

At this moment, I’m setting my mind to finish all the trainings that are essential for a nurse. Hopefully, I will be able to pass all of those and be hired soon. I just want to get started with my career. I don’t want to stay and sit here and just dream of my dreams.


Today My Life Begins

*This was our Batch Song when we graduated. We sang it again yesterday during our Oath Taking. Well, I have to say that this song inspires me in a lot of ways.*

Today My Life Begins. When do we have to say this to ourselves?In my opinion, you can say this to your inner self a lot of times as much as you want to. Heck, you can even sing the song to yourself so that you’ll get inspired in whatever you do.

At the moment, I’m saying this to myself again: “Today My Life Begins”. I’m done with the board exam, I passed it, I’m done with the Oath Taking, and I just have to register, so that officially, I will become an RN. It really feels so amazing to see those two words attached to my name. It instantly makes me so proud that i have this particular achievement in life. My life as an RN is just beginning.

With all the issues in employment that are currently faced with the Filipino nurses nowadays, I know I am bound to experience another set of challenges. I know that it will not be easy to land my dream job, which is totally tailored for my course. I am very aware that I have to attend trainings and seminars to keep myself updated with the standards and to meet the competencies that were set upon us. These and many more are all the things that I have to face yet.

Currently, I am dreaming of getting a job which is totally in line with my course, to be able to use the knowledge that I have earned in my four years. I would just love to be granted with a job in the hospital. *crosses fingers, wishing it for my birthday*