Never Letting Go.

Whenever I meet and get to know a person, I am one of those people who needs a long time to get close to him/her. Yes, I take time to open myself to a person and be comfortable.

Once I get to the point wherein I could share myself and be myself to that person, I make an effort to really know them well, and to make them comfortable with me as well.

What really saddens me is when the time comes when people go on their separate ways. It’s not like a matter of choice but rather an inevitable event for all of us. People come and go.

It’s really hard when we come to the point when we realize someone doesn’t have all the time for us now. We just have to be contented to the fact that we will just feel lucky if they even get to remember us once in awhile.

About these situations, well, I am one those who does not easily let go of my friends. I realized that I am never the one who settles for letting go of a person. I take the effort, at least. But all of us have our limitations. When we feel that we’re being purposefully ignored or forgotten, it hurts us. As much as we don’t want to let go, we don’t have a choice. We move on too, not because we want it, but it’s because we have to.


People who are meant to stay.

Ever wondered who are these people?

“nods* Yes, we all do get a sentimental moment wherein we wonder who among these who people will never leave us.

In my case, I’m pretty sure, I can check my family on my list. No matter how sometimes they can be so irritating, I just do love them. I don’t ever think they’ll be missing in action in my life.

Friends. Some I was able to keep, some were not. I, constantly, have issues with some people who do not put an effort to stay in my life. I get sad when they don’t remember me, even just a text or tweet, there are those who do not bother.

Over time, I realized that I did not really have to have issues with the people who let me go. Firstly, on my part, when I feel that the person I know is beginning to slip away, I make an effort. When they do not seem to just put the same effort as I do, that’s when I let go. I let them be. That’s the way I know who are these people who are meant to stay in my life. If those ones who leave get away and come back, well, I can always give second chances. We all deserve it.

Right now, I’m interested into making more friends and hopefully not letting them go.


Getting attached.

I dunno what’s up with me, but I always find myself being easily attached to any person that I meet. Well, not as, in any person, but ┬áto someone who has a good personality that fits with mine. Give me hours or days to talk to that person, then, I will instantly form my attachment to him/her. I find it that I always see the good in people and if I begin to see the negatives, I just reason myself that I need to understand those. Then, when the time comes wherein I need to let go or they will let go of me without even fighting to make me stay, that’s the point I get vulnerable and hurt. I guess that’s always how it goes. I cannot always stop myself from getting attached to people and isolate myself when I hardly need company.