Nurse Problems: Freaking Out? Yes I am

What? January had passed already? Yes. Yes. Oh gosh. I can’t believe how fast time went. It just went by like that. Sometimes I worry if I was able to do as much as I can in a certain time. It feels like one month was too long and yet it’s still little time to get what I was aiming for.

So, why am I freaking out? I feel like I have been left out of nursing to a great extent. I mean it’s been already 9 months since I was able to perform the responsibilities and duties of a nurse. It’s as if I am worrying that all knowledge I have might leave my memories. I don’t really want to leave the profession that I have come to love. I feel good about knowing that I am a nurse but it’s really tough. In nursing it’s like, you can’t get what you want that fast. You have to strive hard to become a successful nurse. I know it’s like that in every profession. I have to admit that I am frustrated by the fact that I am not practicing my profession. It’s my fault really. I would have had the chance to start working as a staff nurse but I chickened out.

We all know the saying “You don’t know what you have until you lose it”. That is exactly what I realized. Again, regretting things will not be very useful to me. Instead, I think I will need to live with the PRESENT.

Back to the PRESENT: I have a job that pays off good better compared to practicing nursing in my country. I will not deny it but I need to survive. I chose my writing job over nursing. After 9 months of leaving my real profession, here I am wondering about things. I think I am missing out on a big part of my life. I realized that I can help save people’s lives and make my life more worth it.

Because of that realization, I am more determined than ever. I will be back to the profession that I have come to love. I feel like it’s my calling. I decided to save money for a training. I hope I can pursue this. I know it will not be easy but I will persevere. I promise that in two months I will be back to practicing nursing. I will improve myself and live the life that I ought to be having. I refuse to be locked up in my room writing in solitude (lol, jk). I love writing but nursing is my calling. I need a path and a clear goal. I hope I can do this.


Perks of being a Nurse

Thousands of nurses are unemployed in our country nowadays. Some preferred to get other jobs and some decided to stick to their chosen profession. Maybe most of my fellow nurses out there thought: “Why did I even take up nursing?” My answer to that:” We have different reasons. But one thing is for sure, you cannot go back anymore. Deal with it!”

So, there are days that made me real thankful that I became a nurse. Somedays, I kind of regret it. But for the most part, I learned to love my profession. So, I thought of What are the Perks of being a Nurse? Here’s some of what I came up with:

10. We are one of the few people who can successfully transcribe and understand the doctors’ writing.

9. When there are days that we got sick but we don’t want to spend much on seeing a doctor, we know how we can manage ourselves in a way.

-For example, we have an idea what medicine we could take, but of course, we cannot prescribe. We can only buy the over-the-counter medicines.

8. Everyone who knows you are a nurse seeks for advice about their health.

-Though it may not be that much, some of nurses’ relatives/family members ask them about what they should do about the symptoms that they have been experiencing, or ask nurses what to do with it.

7. People feel safe when they are with nurses.

-I dunno much about his. But many of my friends say that they feel safe around us, or so they say. Yeah, pretty much self-explanatory.

6. Meeting people

-It’s the way on how we feel that we instantly become a small part of the people’s lives. Like the ones who become our patients, their family or relatives.

5. We get to practice our patience that it’ll take a lot for us to get irritated or angry.

Most of us can attest to this one. We can last long hours of not being able to sit down because we are too busy. We know how to handle stressful situations calmly even inside our minds, some of us are freaking out.

4. Nurses know first-aid, CPR, life-saving measures.

Aside from the doctors, nurses have the capacity of performing such life-saving measures which could be crucial if any situation like this arises.

3. Nurses are known to be clean and organized people.

2. We get to watch invasive surgeries and all those kind of stuff.

We live the Real-Life Greys Anatomy series.

1. Nurses get to touch people’s lives.

It’s such a great thing to feel fulfilled with our chosen profession. We get to witness the birth of a baby up to the last breath of a dying man. We are there. No matter how small the part that we contributed, it is still good to know that we indeed got a purpose to serve in our lives.