So Yesterday

My first post for 2014 is here. Yes, I am sticking to my New Year’s Resolution of blogging everyday (though I know it’s totally useless to have resolutions). Anyway, I am going to push this as much as I can.

Today, I feel like talking about letting go of the past and regrets. It’s so yesterday, just like I always tell myself. There are times in which I remember events that make me cringe internally, wishing that I never did such things, and making me feel embarrassed about why I did those stuff.

What does it really take to move on?

I guess I don’t have the exact formula for that. The closest thing that I could come up with to do that is ACCEPTANCE. Like most people say, letting go and accepting things will help you move on. I think that is true. It works for me. Though there may be those moments when I am reminded of the things I regret, I am trying and trying my best to accept what I did because well it’s over. It’s so yesterday. I can’t do anything to change it anymore. Instead, I should see it as a lesson and never let myself do it anyway.

We are not perfect. We make me mistakes. Nobody does not. I think people should remember this instead of trying to be so perfect. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Most importantly, love yourself because you were so strong to overcome what you just went through.

Again, Happy New Year Everyone!



Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings, and emotions.-Will Smith

I get these brief glimpses of the days when I just felt so bad about myself. My mind drifts to those times when I feel like I am not good enough for everything. Why do I care so much about not being enough for others?

Maybe some of you go through what I have been going through. It’s like no matter how I try to rid of what others think of me, it still affects me.

Now, I just can’t help but feel tired in doing so. I feel tired of caring about what others will think. I want to stop giving attention to what they think about me. I will try to live for myself as much as I can. I know things happen for a reason. I just hope that soon enough I will get my answers. As for now, I’ll try to live the best of my life. If I had to, I will remind myself everyday to make myself happy, to feel less insecure, to ward off all hate and bitterness. Maybe if I do that, I’ll feel so much contented with myself. I won’t have to wish I am like what others are because I am just simply happy being me. I look forward to seeing myself like that. I really do hope so.


I Won’t Give Up

Dear my-ever-doubting-self,

Everything’s going fine, isn’t it? You’ve made it this far. You’ve worked hard to get to this point. You may have those persistent and annoying self-doubt thoughts in your head and yes, you are strong enough to put them in rest sometimes. It is hard. You struggle, you have so much things going on. You try to balance things in your head.

You berate yourself for making mistakes. Stop doing that. It is good to make mistakes. Nothing is wrong with it. I know feel bad because you think that you look like a fool in the eyes of others or they belittle you for your mistakes. Learn to learn from it. There’s no other way around it than to accept it and try to be better, not bitter.

You are strong. Keep that in mind. Don’t let anybody step on you. Fight if you have to. But be silent when it is right to do so.

Respect yourself. It’s the only way that others are going to respect you too.

Make friends. Laugh with them. Learn from them. Don’t let them drift away. Hold on to them.

Another note, don’t give u, okay? You’ll make it. Whatever it is you want to achieve, you”ll eventually have it as long as you work your ass off.

Smile. Try your hardest. Better your best. Don’t stop. You can do it.


Your optimistic-and-loving-self