Day 23: Round-Up

Hi everyone! I’m alive!! Lol, well you all know what’s my excuse for being absent for days. Anyway, two days to go before the end of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. This is what I will say: Never say never. I still feel that I can accomplish the remaining tasks of the challenge. It’s one of the times when I should let my stubbornness rule. The task for Day 23 is to publish a post which contains the links to the blogs with my fave posts. Here they are:

#1: When a man touches a womans blog, distaster strikes-From One Crazy Life to Another

When I read this task, this is one of the posts that immediately came to my mind. I am just one of those hopeless romantic girls who swoon over a lot of things. I think this is a post that everyone should read especially men out there!!! 😛 It’s really an fun thing to read. You’ll adore Amanda and her blog. It’s full of posts that will make you smile and be inspired.

#2: I’m grateful for stubbornness-Life’s Little Mercies

I must say that I am lucky to have stumbled in this blog. Life’s Little Mercies is a daily gratitude blog. If you ever need a motivation, this blog is a must to visit. Here, you’ll find that you can be inspired just appreciating what you have in life. I love the post titled, “I’m grateful for stubbornness”. Like what I have mentioned earlier, I am stubborn. Great thing, the advantages of stubbornness was discussed here.

#3: I’m here now-Two-Minute Tune-Up

Pam’s blog is one of the many inspirational blogs that I have been following. This particular post is one of the most moving in my opinion. It’s something that inspires me to just focus on what I have rather complain about what I don’t have. In her blog, you will find many short motivational posts that can help you get going when it just gets tough.

Moving on to the next tasks..


Day 22: My First Time in Joining a Blog Event

This is one of the times that I am actually happy that I joined and kept up with the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. Day 22 task is all about joining a blog event. My first thought is that this will be a difficcult assignment to accomplish.

So when I looked at the listings of the events, I came across this blog/event or challenge called the What If Weekly Writing Challenge. I think this will be a very fun challenge that I will love a lot. As a person who’s into the “what-if” thinking most of the time, I believe I will enjoy participating here. I will start participating next Monday. I am already excited.


Day 21: Stubborn Me

The task for Day 21 of Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge is associated with Day 19. It’s all abour using a new-to-me format for my post. Here’s my entry for Day 19. Gah!!! Okay, let me explain what happened there. I might now be in the mood or maybe that’s the way I really intended my post to be. I was actually trying to use the different formats other than the standard one. Unfortunately, the other formats don’t work on my chosen theme.

What I did was a little lame post. That is me being honest here. I just put a youtube video and a quote. I know it’s not totally “new-to-me” but the lack of words disturbed me. That’s the new-to-me format that I tried for the Day 19 task. I am used to publishing posts which are at least paragraph length…or if I post a quote..It has to be so thoughtful and inspiring. In my post for Day 19, I chose a video for one of my latest favorite songs. It’s called Demons by Imaginary Dragons. It such a meaningful and beautiful song that I feel the urge to have a post dedicated to it only. No other words written but just me stating “This song is my jam.” That is actually very true though I am disturbed because me saying “This song is my jam” doesn’t sound like me.

Anyway, on with what Day 21 task is all about. The instruction said use a social media platform to publicize the Day 19 post. I will not say more because people who have read my posts before know the reason why I am not doing it. So..that’s why I entitled this post, “Stubborn Me”.



Day 20: New Page

For Day 20 of Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog challenge, we were asked to a new page to our blogs. What I did was to add a contact form for my new page. I put it there so that if ever there are people who might be interested in giving me some feedbacks or just want to be friends, well they have a way to communicate with me. That is…if there would be someone who would be interested in doing so.

So..moving on to the next tasks..


Day 18: Publicize through Social Networks

Don’t get me wrong but the thing is I don’t really want to do the task for Day 18 of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. I know the challenge is all about exploring aspects of blogging. However, this one is not my thing to try. Actually, I don’t really want to publicize my blog that much. I am fine with whoever sees it andI prefer if the people who read it are anonymous. Just like for example, the people who see and read my posts will be the ones who are on wordpress or if they somehow..by chance..clicked on my blog through search engines. I don’t mind that at all. I think this is me speaking for myself to the world out there..not to the people I know already.


It’s because I have Facebook and Instagram to share my thoughts and deets about my life. I’ve got Twitter and Tumblr for my inner fangirl tendencies..so I don’t see the point of me ranting on my accounts in those social media platforms.

Sometimes, I think why am I even doing this blog challenge but then again I want to do something to challenge myself. It’s just that this isn’t my thing..So, there it goes for this task.


Day 17: Confidence in Commenting

Yay! So, I am really catching up with the tasks. I am back with the Day 17 task for the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. The assignment was to comment on six blogs regarding the Daily Prompt post about reputation. To be honest, I only commented on four blogs, if I can recall it correctly. So, through this challenge, I found posts in which I was totally moved.

I was expecting that I will be so lazy to leave comments but then it turned out to be the opposite. The posts I found were so wonderful and inspiring. With that, I eventually felt confident in leaving my comments. I was determined to tell those bloggers how I felt about what they wrote.

I think that this task is one of the best so far. I’m glad I accomplished it.


Day 16: What’s my reputation?

The task for the Day 16 of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog involves publishing a post about the Daily Prompt. Well, here’s the Daily Prompt last January 17:

Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?

I have posted here before that people think of me as shy and quiet. They’re right because I can be shy and quiet but not really. It’s not the real me. My closest friends know that I can be loud, crazy and opinionated. That’s how I tend to be once you get to know me. I guess people who I will not have a chance to talk to and be comfortable with will never know that. It’s alright sometimes that there are people who think of me as shy and quiet. What I don’t like is when they acknowledge it in a tone that I don’t like. It seems like they think that I don’t have anything to say about a certain topic when in truth my mind is flooded with many opinions about it. I just don’t like talking with many people’s eyes focused on me. That’s why I stay quiet except when I am asked. Right now, I am trying my best to be really sociable. After all, I cannot always stay shy and quiet. I need to be assertive and opinionated when necessary. That’s also one of the reasons why I have this blog..to share my thoughts and opinions when I can’t tell them through verbal means. 😛


Day 14: Struggling to keep up

Here’s the thing, I am having a hard time to keep up with the tasks. It’s just I have been busy with lots of things happening to me. I know it’s not an excuse though. Anyway, please forgive me for being four days behind for the challenge. Lol. I am so doing this at the pace of a turtle. For the Day 14 of the Zero to Hero: 30 days to a Better Blog, it stated that it’s the blogger’s choice what to do or publish. I think I will use this opportunity to share my thoughts about this blogging challenge.

At first, I was so excited with doing it. I guess that’s the way I can be sometimes. There are times in which I can be patient and attentive. Then, after that..I begin to lose interest…So, there goes my attempt in posting everyday. Well, I am thinking that at least I am trying to catch up.

Doing this challenge has really helped my blog traffic. I think I have increased viewers and followers ever since the first day of the challenge. In addition to that, there are actually people who commented on my posts. It’s like I got what I wished for when I started out the Zero to Hero challenge. So, thank you to all of them. It helped me to push myself to be actually better.

So, now that I am very delayed in the tasks..I am just really hoping that I will catch up. I don’t like to give up on this challenge though. It’s one of my goals for this year..to complete a blog challenge. To anyone out there who might be losing interest for awhile..I hope this post can also motivate you. Now, I am off to do the next tasks for the challenge. 🙂


Days 13 & 15: More and more stuff to learn

Hi everyone! Again, I have been missing out on the daily tasks for the challenge. It’s been a crazy week for me. So, I’m glad that I was able to go back and write posts today. Anyhoo, for this post I will be covering the assignments for days 13 & 15 of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge.


Day 13

This task is something which really made me have a hard time figuring about it. When I saw the task, I actually have no idea to what a blogroll is except that it has links other blogs. So, I tried and read the instructions. After a few minutes of little confusion (actually lots of confusion), I was able to come around and put up my widget for the blog roll. I included some of my favorite blogs there such as The Better Man Projects and Thought Catalog. It’s really helpful for me because I got to learn about blogrolls..though something tells me if I could have explored WordPress more seriously before..I would have made my own blogroll from the very beginning. 😛

Day 15

In this one, I think it’s one of the tasks that I don’t really want to do. In my opinion, I still like the way my blog looks now. So, maybe I will change some other time when I get to the point of being sick of looking at the same appearance of my blog…or maybe I am just being lazy. I know the task is supposed to be about learning but I think I have already tried changing the fonts and changing the headers/background before but the theme doesn’t let me to do so. 😛


That’s all for now…and I am still catching up with the other tasks! So, good luck to me!!!